Frequently Asked Questions

Simply comment ‘SOLD’or DM us 'SOLD' on the item you want to purchase and we will send you a direct link to purchase through the website.

Refunds – We do NOT accept refunds on the items sold. Please select carefully.

Returns – We do NOT accept returns or exchanges. Once the item is sold, we pay the consignor therefore, all sales are final.

No minimums required! Feel free to submit as many or as few items as you’d like.

Our buying team carefully prices each item, taking into account the original retail value, condition, current market value, and other factors. Therefore, our rates are not typically negotiable. However, our buying team is very friendly and will try their hardest to ensure you get the best price for your pieces

Our typical consignment agreement is for 8 weeks (2 months). However, if you prefer to give us your items for a shorter time (minimum 4 weeks) it can be organised without a problem.

We try to always contact consignors directly before discounting items. However, as per our Terms & Conditions, we do reserve the right to discount your item up to 20% (maximum).

Delivery only within Australia – $15 Flat rate or Express delivery is available as an option at check-out for a standard cost of $20.

Normal transit times within Australia are 7 business days from the day it was posted.

No, we don’t. Its first come, first served.

We accept a wide variety of International and Australian mid to high end brands. Click here to see a list of our favourite brands. If your brand is not on the list please check with us

We receive a large amount of new inventory every week and only a selection of the most popular brands will go on the website within 2 weeks. All your other items will be promoted and advertised through Facebook & Instagram (posts & stories). Please note your item is super important to us and we want it to look as good as possible! Our process involves styling and photographing your item, editing the photos and writing a product description. We take pride in our social media channels and all our products so to feature them in an Instagram story or post may take up to 2 weeks, but we are working as fast as possible.

Our buyers determine pricing based on a combination of factors including the original retail price of the item, its current price on the resale market, condition and consumer desirability.

After the 8 weeks consignment term, you can either collect your unsold items at our premises at Hunters Hill or we can send them back to you by post (Australian mail, registered post). We will deduct the shipping cost from the profits you made from your sold items.

As per our Terms & Conditions, you have 14 days to collect your unsold items after they have expired ( weeks); otherwise, they will be donated to charity.

No sorry, we only deliver within Australia.

No! We actually have lots of items that are new with tags. However, the majority of our items are preloved. The price varies depending on condition. It is important to mention that we do NOT accept items that look old, are faulty or the condition is not immaculate. All clothing have to be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned before hand it to us.

Yes! If you meet the following criteria you can email or call us and schedule a home pick up:

20 or more items.

They should be the brands we accept (click here to see the list)

From Sydney suburbs only.

No. We have lots of new arrivals every week so we can’t have everything on the website. We select the high value items to be on the website and everything else we promoted it through Facebook and Instagram (posts & daily stories).

We accept new items or pre-loved items that are in like new condition. We ask that all clothing is freshly laundered or dry cleaned and that handbags are clean and empty.

Yes, we offer gift cards that come nicely wrapped in a gift box.