What is circular fashion?

What is circular fashion?

With 2020 being the year of buzzwords, there is one that is frequently banded about in the world of fashion. Circular Fashion has been around since 2014, but it’s use and awareness of the term has increased significantly since then. Many major brands are now focusing on future purposing their new ranges, and focussing on getting items reused in some form, rather than going to landfill. There are organisations such as Global Fashion Agenda  who aim to challenge the industry, and work with major retailers and designers to facilitate these changes. Circular fashion can manifest itself in different forms, from re using or reselling unused clothes, recycling the materials or re designing.

Circular fashion we define as clothes, shoes, accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intent to be used and circulate responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in the most valuable form. We here at Bec and Bel take preloved as well as new unworn wardrobe items and give them new life, thus reducing the impact on the environment, and reduce the need for manufacture of new garments.  Whilst giving the previous owner a source of income and reducing waste. Our Sydney consignment store has a large range of unique pieces that vary in style and size, and every week we have new stock arriving.

Some people see circular fashion as being an integral part of the “green revolution”. The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest, most resource intensive industries. A little-known fact is that over 80 BILLION garments are produced globally every year. More than half of these items are “fast fashion” and will be worn 50% less time than they should do. A staggering 86% percent of the garments produced this year will end up in landfill. We don’t think this is right, and our little business is doing what we can to reduce our impact on the world around us.

We appreciate that one of our challenges with designer circular fashion is authenticity for our clients. Thankfully our technology partner Enrupty verifies many of our garments authenticity, giving you, our valued client peace of mind. For more information see our authenticity page.

Will you join us and be “Fashion forward”?, remember the feeling you had when you first wore that little black dress you purchased three years ago (yes, the same one that hasn’t been worn since!), give it new life, wear it again, or bring it to a consignment store such as ours, earn some money for it and give someone else the opportunity to feel the same way you did when you first tried it on.

Help us make the fashion industry more sustainable. Join our tribe!