It’s time to Spring Clean your Wardrobe

Spring is finally here!  With Covid and lockdown, its been a long winter. It is finally back to the gym and work…..and now is the time to spring clean your wardrobe and get it organised ready for the world to start again.


Lots of ladies would love to have a walk in, multi-level wardrobe like Kim Kardashian –  but you can only work with the space you have.  Ideally you want to be able to see everything in your wardrobe – not just the clothes, but accessories, scarves, shoes and bags. If you can’t see it, you might forget about it and then you won’t wear it. Ideally you want to keep everything in the one space if you can. Out of sight can mean out of mind. If you do have to store things in another room – make it seasonal stuff like big coats or things that you don’t use often like formal wear.


Colour coding is a good starting point. And it is a great way to see how many black tops you really own. And realise that you keep wearing the same ones.  And also a great way to see what is missing in your collection.  A standout colour or pattern will do exactly that – stand out from the rest of the colours and be easy to spot so you can wear it. It is handy too if you are looking for a particular colour quickly.  It looks good too.


Pants look great hung full length if you have the space. Again, colour coded or sorted by jeans, pants, mid length pants and more.  It’s aesthetically pleasing to see all your pants lined up on display like in a shop. Folding can create a crease in your pants if you don’t wear them that often if you hang them folded.  But if you are pressed for space you can try coat hangers that hang several pairs at once.

If you are short on space you can also try separating casual and work pants.  Fold them and stack them on top of each other Marie Kondo style. You’ll need to keep them neat though for it to work.


Dresses can be hung together to take advantage of long hanging space. With dressy dresses and casual dresses in separate sides of your wardrobe.

Work Clothes

Work clothes can be stored separately if you have a corporate wardrobe or different clothes that you wear to work. It means you don’t have to waste your time thinking about work clothes until you have to.


Shoes are probably the easiest thing to store if space is limited. Stored in different categories, it is the one thing we are likely to go looking for.  If you have the space they can be boxed up in display boxes to keep the dust off. Or if you are lucky enough you might have shelves or display units to put your shoes in. Shoe storage doesn’t have to be built in. There are so many temporary and inexpensive racks and hanging things to make the most of your space and display your shoes.  Unless of course you have too many pairs. 

You can keep shoes in a separate room or cupboard if you need to.  Here is where it is important to wear what you have.  If you have a pair of stilettos that you are saving for a sit down wedding only – you might be best to trade them in and buy something you are likely to use more often. Unless you have a high shelf in your wardrobe where you can display them.  


Perhaps the most important part of any wardrobe – your handbags. Whether you use the same handbag every day or you like to change handbags as you change your clothes, you will want somewhere free of dusty to save your special pieces.  Try and store handbags upright and with air bags or cloth inside them to help them keep their shape. They can be stored in plastic drawers at the bottom of your wardrobe if space is tight. Stacked in a pile on a shelf if that is all you have.  Or you can have a custom made shelving system to store according to size and event if you want to. Practically though – if you can colour code and size them, and have them all stored vertically like books, that you can grab with ease when you find the one you are looking for.  They look good lined up on a high shelf if you are tall. Or even running the length of the floor of your wardrobe if that is easier.  You want to make sure you can see them all and grab them with ease.   Storing your handbags in the dust bags they came with can keep them protected – but it is nice to be able to see them on display.


If you can see all your scarves at a glance, it is easier to pick one out at the last minute to match an outfit, and feel more put together. The same for jewellery. So many people have beautiful jewellery that they never wear. If you are like me, it is because you can’t see it. Or can’t find it.  Here is where you can get creative. A notice board to pin jewellery onto. Plastic hooks on the wall or the back of a door.    A ladder or railing to hang your scarves on.  A drawer with clear plastic dividers to store jewellery.  You would be surprised what even Bunnings have to help keep you organised. 

Clothing really is like art. It should be displayed and admired and enjoyed. Hang hooks around your room or wardrobe with your favourite pieces for inspiration. Have outfits hanging that are ready to go for the week ahead. It will help get you excited about where you are going, and about how fabulous you will look.

Written by Belinda Beck.